Mind & Body Fitness Classes


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Our signature class is 1 of physical exertion to tone and sculpt your body. 

During our signature sculpt class you will experience a full body workout focusing on utilizing core strength to sculpt and tone all those little muscles that you may have forgotten you have.

Yoga Flow through alignment, breath (pranayama), while keeping your mind quiet. 
All levels welcome.

Bring your mat, towel and water.
A warm room moving through slower asana postures.
It's a myth that slower is easier, not true. Slow down your movement to delve deeper into the muscular system by holding poses for an extended period of time. This class is completely guided by the teacher. Should you find discomfort in your practice, you will find solace in the power of breath. This class is perfect for anyone looking to meet their edge. Recommended for all experience levels.
Looking to effectively train every part of your body?
Ride 30 MIN ON the bike and get ‘ripped’ in 30 MIN
Tabata 30 minute cycling with 30 minute strength.
60 seconds interval with 10 seconds rest in between intervals.    
This class will burn and sculpt.
Bring water and a towel.
Burn those calories using TRX, barbells, steppers, weights  other props for a great easy to follow, pure movement, pure sweat workout!  This workout is created to have an environment that is non-judgmental & has great modification, if needed.
Barre/Pilates inspired class strengthens your core, lengthens the spine, builds muscle tone and improves body awareness while giving you anaerobic workout.  Weaving Ballet & Yoga throughout while rehabilitating and improving body alignment.  
This class uses props to encourage muscle tone along with the Barre and does not require shoes.  Please bring your Pilates/Yoga mat and towel to class with you.

This style of yoga builds heat, flexibility and strength, while maintaining focus on good alignment and sound structure. Postures may be held for longer periods of time, and will flow together to unite the body to the breath and mind. Classes range from beginner to advanced.

Supercharge your metabolism while enjoying cardio intervals & sculpting to make this a total body workout. Designed to maximize your strength and firm your entire body & burn calories!
You will have fun, sweat, climb, rock and feel the burn!
This class can be high intensity interval training (HIIT). Guaranteed to give a great workout!  Or the teacher will make it up to you.
Please make a mental note;  ride to your level of fitness.
We want you coming back.
Indoor cycling (55 mins.) is a great cardiovascular workout utilizing variations in cadence, resistance and body position. A variety of classes focusing on intervals, recovery, strength, and endurance are offered. We have the largest indoor cycling studio in the area with a 10’ drop down screen for your great scenic virtual ride. Our bikes are equipped with cycling computers which provide riders with information on cadence, heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned. All of our bikes are equipped with cleats/clips or you can just ride in your fitness shoes. For your safety, the use of headsets are not permitted during class. Please refer to our Indoor Cycling class schedule for class times. Members and guests must sign-in for all classes at the front desk or online. 
High energy and fun!  Come ride with us and experience the "high" of biking.  All levels welcome.
A rejuvenating class with a gentle flow. Focus on balance, range of motion, core strengthening, stretching and relaxation, flex bands are used to warm up in the Monday gentle Yoga.
A great class for all levels.
A blend of inspired Pilates mat work & weights with a dynamic series of Yoga postures for enlightening the physical strength, mental and spiritual health. Mix of techniques to cleanse the body and calm the mind while sculpting the body. Mixed levels welcome.